The Tread Series workouts weren't created to do in sequential order

(i.e. you don't need to complete Season 1 Ep 1, before doing Ep 2, Ep 3 and so forth)

It's not necessary to run Season 1 before taking on Season 2.

So, if you're new to the workout we recommend GOING STRAIGHT TO Season 2 -

it's bigger, better, badder, sweatier, sexier and has even more kickass content for ALL fitness levels!

Episode 1: Luke Milton & Chris
Episode 2: Enrique & Monika
Episode 3: Lisa & Jen
Episode 4: Bert Kreischer & Chris
Episode 5: Aimee Teegarden & Mikey
Actress and runner Aimee Teegarden on Chris Tye-Walker's The Tread Series.
Episode 6: Korey Kuhl & Chris
Episode 7: Michael & Meghan
Episode 8: Erin & Shaun
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