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Chris Tye-Walker (CSCS) is a Certified Fitness Trainer, and one of the most sought after Master Trainers in Los Angeles; known for his British charm, upbeat playlists, invigorating workouts, and for handing out energetic and effective butt whoopings to Hollywood celebs, athletes and average Joes.


A Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and former nationally ranked athlete, Chris has a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science with a concentration in Sports Psychology. His fitness foundation is based on his own prolific career as a Great Britain Track & Field star, ranked one of the Top 10 Hurdlers in the country (from 2002-2005) and was a member of the U.K.’s Junior National Team.


The discipline, expertise, and passion for fitness that Chris acquired during his athletic career, combined with his love for working with people and his positive and upbeat personality, propelled him into a successful career as a Fitness Trainer and Host. He works with a variety of clients to help them achieve their personal fitness goals and prides himself on fun, varied workouts: be it at the track, in the gym, on a hike, or in the pool. You’ll never get bored of Chris Tye-Walker’s diverse fitness programs, or his positive energy and British charm.


When Chris isn’t sweating it out alongside a client or empowering a class, he travels the world: mentoring other trainers, guest instructing and advising with programs like the Nike NTC Women’s Tour, UCLA Department of Athletics, and sharing his passion for fitness and expertise as a Fitness Host on shows like: BeFiT’s Transform Series, BodyRock Bootcamp Live Sweat, and SELF Magazine’s 5 Ways To.

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