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Episode 6 of The Tread Series features an intermediate level endurance workout, with trainer/host

Chris Tye-Walker running alongside guest-runner:



(Amazing Racer & YouTube Star) a structured 25-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) treadmill workout session; while providing instruction, technique, fitness tips, and empowerment - for all ability levels.

Watch the trailer!

By selecting "BUY PASS" you will purchase the entire Season 1 (8-episode) series for a one-time price of $14.99, and have UNLIMITED access to stream/view the workouts.


It's not necessary to run Season 1 before taking on Season 2.

The Tread Series workouts weren't created to do in sequential order.

(i.e. you don't need to complete Season 1 Ep 1, before doing Ep 2, Ep 3 and so forth)

So, IF YOU'RE NEW to the workout we recommend GOING STRAIGHT TO

Season 2

it's bigger, better, sweatier, sexier & has even more kickass content for ALL abilities!

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